Dynamo club Volleyball Arena

Fitting the arena and press centre with audio equipment

At the end of 2019, OKNO-TV completed a project for the audio fit-out of the volleyball arena of Dynamo, located in the Match Point apartment complex.

The design of the sound amplification system of the volleyball arena was based on the acoustic features of the facility caused by its architecture. In order to create a favorable acoustic environment, we selected audio-systems with directional sound control. This allowed us to exclude certain potential sound distortions caused by functional and space-planning features of the building.

The estimated sound level in the arena is 110dB, with tolerance of less than 3dB at all spectator seats, which will allow for broadcasting spoken announcements at sufficient volume in case of emergency. Our engineers installed a system with ambient noise microphones, which can serve as sensors for the automatic volume control, depending on the noise levels in the stands. Also, we provided for a system for the hearing impaired.

The OKNO-TV team provided sound systems in the lobby, halls, the entrance area, training halls and meeting rooms. Our specialists also completely equipped the Dynamo volleyball arena press centre, providing all the audio equipment necessary for its full functionality.

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