Sovremennik Theatre, Moscow

Full technical fitout

Our company completed the design and supply of an amplification system and microphone stock for the state drama theatre Sovremennik, famed for its bold and ambiguous repertoire dealing with acute social topics.

In 2018, the theatre company returned home to a newly restored and renovated stage in the building of the old “Colosseum” cinema in Chistiye Prudi, Moscow. The renovation affected everything from the building’s foundations to the replacement of equipment of all technical services of the theatre. Our company’s specialists carried out their work on amplification of the orchestra pit by using systems that preserve the natural soft character of the sound. Reliable radio systems provide high-quality communication throughout the theatre.

Chief Sound Engineer Sergei Platonov commented: “Tired equipment. The audio console was analogue. Of course, we could work with it, but the equipment no longer met modern requirements. And the main thing holding us back was that we didn’t have enough audio amplification channels in the hall, and insufficient zones. It was all but impossible to meet some of the requirements of the Director. We had been considering this kind of upgrade for quite some time”.

The new equipment significantly expanded the audio capabilities of the theatre, and allow the most creative ideas of the Director to be fulfilled.

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