Moscow Theatre "Sovremennik"

Full technical equipment

Our company has carried out the design and supply of a complex sound reinforcement system and a microphone pool for the State Drama Theater "Sovremennik", famous for its bold and ambiguous repertoire on acute social topics.

In 2018, the theater team returned to their home repaired and renovated stage in the building of the former cinema "Colosseum" on Chistye Prudy. The renovation affected everything, starting from the foundation of the building and finishing the replacement of equipment of all technical services of the theater. The specialists of our company performed works to strengthen the sound of the understage by using the systems that preserve the naturalness and softness of the sound. Reliable radio systems provided high-quality communication throughout the theater.

The comment of the Chief Sound Engineer Sergey Platonov: "The equipment has become the so called "tired". The music stand was analog. Of course, it could work, but it was no longer consistent with modern requirements. And the main thing that bound our hands is the insufficient number of channels of sound amplification in the hall and the insufficient number of zones. It was difficult to fulfill some specific requests of the Director. My colleagues and I have been thinking about such a retrofit for a long time."

The new equipment has significantly expanded the range of sound capabilities of the theater and allowed to implement all the creative ideas of the Director to the fullest extent possible.

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