Nikulin Circus, Tsvetnoy Boulevard – Moscow

Design and supply of radio systems and public address system

Our company has provided new sound equipment one of Russia’s oldest circuses, one that welcomed its first spectators as far back as 1880.

The complexity of the project lay in the special nature of the circus hall, which is almost entirely used as a working area. This imposed restrictions on how audio equipment could be positioned. This especially affected the radio microphone systems, as the dependable and stable operation of the entire audio system relies heavily on their correct placement and configuration.

Reliable communication between the sound engineer and the ringmaster was provided by the monitoring system. A multi-channel radio system carried the voices of the ringmaster and the artists performing around the arena to the spectators by means of a transmitter network. The sound of a live orchestra is picked up by an array of specialised instrument microphones.

The players with instant start of any musical fragment were used as devices for high-quality playback of phonograms in order to make unplanned improvisations look like part of the performance.

To mix the large number of microphone channels and musical sources in the circus, we installed two digital consoles with a full array of sound processing functions. The two consoles were combined into a single audio control network.

We are honoured to have played a role in creating the great day out and the feeling of joy that the circus brings to its visitors.

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