World Athletics Championship

Design and installation of technological solutions

In August 2013, Russia hosted for the first time the summer World Athletics Championship, which was held at the main stadium of Russia - in Luzhniki.

At the request of the leadership of the All-Russian Athletics Federation, we had to ensure the formation of three independent programs coming to the screens of the stadium, so that thousands of journalists from around the world and more than a hundred television channels could cover the championship. This task was accomplished with the help of technical solutions based on sports cameras, which provided the display of the competition on the screens of the stadium in real time. The sound path was also set up.

The project was implemented in the shortest possible time. The customer noted the coordinated work of the engineering team, the high level of integration, the effective organization of official communication between the production team, commentators, the competition management service and the host. "It was the best set-up in my practice," said the main producer of the presentation of the competition, Mr. Florian Hefferle. "I remember how successful was our visit to "OKNO-TV". We were very lucky with the choice of the integrator", - the Secretary General of the All-Russian Federation of Track and Field Athletics, the Head of competitions, Mr. Mikhail Yakovlevich Butov, expressing his opinion.

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