Creation and launch of a television centre that meets the requirements of the KHL

At the home stadium of one of the most successful and title-winning clubs of the Russian period, OKNO-TV built a television complex in time for the start of the pre-season I.H. Romazan tournament.

The Continental Hockey League (KHL), taking into account the wishes of the TV channel “TV-IN”, started to broadcast the club’s matches. The broadcasts of the hockey pre-season tournament for the 2013 season from the Magnitogorsk ice rink were to be in HD from a dedicated production room.

The result of OKNO-TV’s work was the appearance of a new studio complex, divided into two parts: the production area for the creative team, and a noise-isolated room for the equipment. The new equipment room works autonomously, and does not interfere with the broadcast team’s work.

In spite of the reduction of the original timescale allowed for the project, the installation and launch of the broadcast centre were completed on time, and the broadcast of hockey matches in HD from a dedicated broadcast centre went without a hitch.

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