The stadium of football club CSKA

Creation of information display, sound amplification and television and radio broadcasting systems.

The company "OKNO-TV" performed works on technical equipment of new stadium of one of the oldest and most titled clubs in the post-Soviet history of Russian football.

The products of the world's leading manufacturers, focused on information and entertainment sports events were laid as the basis for the technical solution for the video path of the central hardware. A powerful digital application for the preparation of graphic templates allows to transmit graphic and video materials in the live mode on large screens of the stadium. The sound program for transmission through the stadium's sound reinforcement system is formed from the universal video and sound hardware. There is a system of processing, amplification, and automatic adjustment of the sound level depending on the background sound produced by the audience in the grandstands. Together with our partners, we have developed a unique electroacoustic system with a suspension system.

The performed works allow for any organization broadcasting at the stadium to reduce the time and cost of deployment and to work in the standard of high-definition television.

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