Zenit Arena Stadium

Equipping the Stadium with a complete sound system

One of Russia’s largest stadiums, the home arena of football club Zenit was rebuilt specially for the FIFA World Cup 2018 Championships. The unique building, designed by the Japanese Architect Kisho Kurokawa, holds 68,000 spectators and allows matches to take place even in winter conditions.

OKNO-TV’s specialists equipped the control room of the nation’s second largest football stadium with multimedia systems that fully met the exacting requirements set by FIFA for World Cup stadiums, including public address systems for the arena and the surrounding areas, a VIP zone and a fully functional press centre. The team designed, installed and commissioned television and radio broadcast systems to allow transmissions with the help of outside broadcast vehicles, production equipment for the stadium’s large screens, commentator positions, and also an intercom system and а system for creation of “intershum”, stadium ambient sounds.

The sound equipment installation works were carried out at height, on the 18th floor of a regular high-rise building, as the company developed and adopted its own technologies for lifting and installing multi-ton equipment to a height of 62m.

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