FIFA 2018 World Football Championship stadiums in Russia

Provision of sound amplification for stadiums

The global community highly appraised the organization of the Championship, and we are pleased to be aware of our own contribution to the splendid realization of the largest event in the Russian history. The FIFA Committee has recognized the organization and technological infrastructure of the Championship stadiums as the best for the entire history of these games.

There was a problem at the stage of designing and sound amplification systems structure formation. The requirements of the FIFA Technical Regulation with respect to the stadiums intended for the 2018 World Championship as pertains to the parameters of sound amplification systems which were adopted a year before the FIFA Confederations Cup (test competitions for the World Championship) prescribed to ensure higher parameters of the acoustic systems as compared to the previous world cup championships.

The sound amplification complex of a stadium should transmit any announcement clearly and louder than the tribune roar by 6 dB – at least 116 dB. While for the previous world championships this parameter was 105-110 dB. Actually, this required to double the number of acoustic systems and amplifiers. This challenge was undertaken, and our company has successfully managed the task!

We developed signal routing systems, automatic regulation of clusters volume, supplied systems for hard-of-hearing and visually challenged people at such stadiums as Luzhniki, Kaliningrad Stadium, Samara Arena, Mordovia Arena, and Rostov Arena.

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