Ostankino TV Center
Modernization of the main hardware-studio units in connection with the transition to HD-format
Russia Today television company
Designing a new complex in HD format
Channel One
Transferring the news production complex to HD format
Collaboration with the country's largest media holding
TV channel "Zvezda"
News hardware and software complex
Channel "STS Media"
Creation of a new television technological complex
Ostankino TV Center
Modernization of lighting equipment
NTV Television Company
Studio graphics complex
Transferred of NTV television company to broadcast in HDTV format
Broadcasting Company "Petersburg- Channel Five"
News hardware and software complex
TV channel "E TV"
The first stage: modernization and move of the TV channel to Russia
Создание аппаратно-программной системы подготовки и выдачи в эфир новостных программ ОДИП
Channel One. Worldwide Network
Phonogram recording and editing complex expansion
Higher School of Television of the Moscow State University
Mobile TV-Station for the Television Faculty
Omsk Media, city of Omsk
TV-channel’s broadcast control room upgrading
Channel One. Worldwide Network
Broadcasting complex upgrading
The First Russian High-Definition Channel - NTV-Plus Sport
Broadcasting company "Gubernia"
Multitasking mobile TV six-cameras station
OTV TV company
New hardware-studio complex
TV Channel OTS
Equipping the complex and transition the channel to HD format
"Omsk television company"
Construction of the television center
TV company "Nika-TV"
Modernization of the television complex
NVK Sakha
Equipment of the filming pavilion
MSU Graduate School of Television
Modernization of the hardware-studio unit
TV company KBR Media
The new digital television studio complex of the Kabardino - Balkarian Republic
TV Channel Kazan
Switch to digital path in 60 days
TV channel Rain
Design and construction of a hardware-studio complex
TV channel VETTA
Hardware-studio block for the turnkey television company
TV channel Astrakhan 24
Creation and launch of a modern television complex with continuous around the clock broadcasting in Full HD format
TV channel "Channel 6"
Development and launching of the budget regional TV Studio in HD format