Public Television of Russia

New operational repository of media materials

At the end of 2019, OKNO-TV completed a project to build a new operational repository of media materials as part of the existing production complex of the Public Television of Russia TV-channel.

Our specialists have complied with all the technological requirements of the customer. We have installed switching equipment and cable connections that ensure the transmission and storage of media materials at a guaranteed speed and data integrity. The exchange of materials between the existing complex and the new repository occurs without any recoding or format changing. The capacity of the new operational repository exceeds the existing volume of the OTR data storage system almost twice.

The new repository is a geographical reserve for the existing repositories of the TV-company's digital archive complex, which are located in Studio-Production Complex (ASK) 3 of the Ostankino Television & Technical Center. In the future, it will serve as a technological base for hardware upgrade of the existing production and broadcasting complex.

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