Channel One

Migrating a news production complex to HD format

OKNO-TV has successfully migrated the news service of Russia’s most well-known TV channel to High Definition (HD) format.

The scope of this project included the modernisation of the entire production chain at all levels, from ENG solutions to Studio complexes. Obsolete equipment was all replaced, and HD format was introduced at all levels of production, including storage, whilst maintaining the ability to work with archived SD materials. The volume of material produced has significantly increased as a result of the addition of a third broadcast studio and the change of the structure of the studio complexes.

The installed equipment and selected solutions are technically flexible, and if necessary, can be expanded and added to as the customer requires. The channel did not break transmission during the work, and Channel One’s viewers were, as always, amongst the very first to see the very latest news events as they happened.

Now the channel is able to produce more parallel news broadcasts live for the different time zones, and its team can work in more comfortable conditions in a new quality of television image.

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