Modernizing and transitioning regional TV channels to digital broadcasting

In 2013, a large-scale project of federal significance was launched, modernizing the regional television channels.

The main objective was to upgrade the regional branches of VGTRK for transition to digital video production, including moving to HD format. OKNO-TV specialists designed and studio facilities, CAR and newsrooms at the regional television centres of VGTRK.

At the end of 2013, the television centre in Sochi (a branch of the Krasnodar GTRK) was re-equipped. A Dalet computerised newsroom system was introduced. In 2014, OKNO-TV carried out similar renovations to 36 television centres in the regions of the Russian Federation, and further branches were updated in 2015.

Since 2016, VGTRK has launched an import substitution program. OKNO-TV and Russian manufacturers of television equipment have modernized 5 regional television centres. OKNO-TV coordinated the logistical consolidation of the equipment and its delivery to the regions, as well as designing a standard technical solution for a specific television centre.

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